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                               CALLING ALL COMMUNITY GROUPS IN LEWISHAM


We are seeking partners to collaborate with in our new project, our first since the COVID-19  pandemic began.


We are currently producing our next performance, a short film centered around the theme of the Pandemic and the multitude of knock-on effects it has had in our community and in wider society.


We would like to invite local, Lewisham-based creators of visual art, sculpture, handcraft, clothing, jewelry and other means visual artistic expression, to get in touch with us for the opportunity to have their work featured as part of the film.


If this interests you, please send us an email here asap, showing us your work, and a brief description of your work and yourself. The deadline to get in touch is TUE 11 AUGUST.


HURRY! We look forward to hearing from you.



One Tree Hill Sinfonia