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One Tree Hill Sinfonia

Lewisham's Symphony Orchestra



The One Tree Hill Sinfonia has been part of the artistic community of South-East London for the past 6 years. We have grown from an initial first concert in 2015, into a vibrant community of performers and a loyal, ever-growing audience.


At every stage of our journey we have been inclusive. Artistically, we have worked across genres, from our core classical music, to working with local young Grime talent, to performing jazz and new works. We have donated our entire proceeds during the Orchestra’s existence to charities supporting victims of knife crime, the Grenfell Tower, health issues and victims of natural disasters on the other side of the world. We have seen the radiant success of our pioneer ‘Sit Inside the Orchestra’ scheme, where members of the public do just that, coming out speechless and with tears in their eyes from the experience. We truly believe that there are no barriers between people, and our actions mirror our beliefs.


The One Tree Hill Sinfonia’s ethos is that every player, every staff member, every audience member, comes to OTHS for the music and understands that every voice, musical or otherwise, has a place and will be heard and respected, in harmony with all others. We believe that this musical model is also a positive model for society beyond our Orchestra.


We never sought to be inclusive. We simply always have been, we are, and always proudly will be. Nevertheless, recent worldwide and domestic events have made us think that even more can be done. One Tree Hill Sinfonia commits to this from now onwards.


We look forward to you continuing to join us on our journey towards building a better society. And of course, great music-making.